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Pastor Eric Mulanda

Mount Hope United Methodist Church
Associate Pastor
Lansing, Michigan
I am Eric Mulanda Nduwa, from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), a country that was formerly known as Zaire. I am married to Corinne Mafo who is also a Congolese and she is a nurse by profession. We have two blessed boys name Blessed Mulanda and Jossiah Mulanda. I am an ambassador of Jesus Christ who is driven through this scripture from the book of Acts 1:8 “to go and be witnesses ...to the end of the Earth. So, I am still going and witnessing Jesus Christ in this world.
I serve as an associate pastor at Mount Hope United Methodist which is a multi-ethnic Church (http://www.mounthopeumc.org) where we welcome people around the world. We are a church growing younger and more diverse in the Michigan Area. I have been serving as an ambassador of Jesus Christ reaching people in the community and beyond the community for Jesus Christ in different countries such as Congo-Kinshasa, Zimbabwe, Germany and the United States. “To serve yourself, use your head; to serve others, use your heart.” Rev. Eric Mulanda and Corinne Mafo